Here’s to you Ma

With Mother’s Day approaching I’ve written a little tribute to my own mother.

Okay let’s just cry it out…

Have you ever been so tired you cried? That was my life for majority of Layla’s first year. Don’t let it be yours!

Gains and Losses

When I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms is weight gain.  I was lucky that I never had any issues because we caught it in time and I’ve been monitored closely. However, I’ve always been conscious of my weight because it was a good signal something may be…

Riding the Roller Coaster Again

Not sure when the right time to have babies is? Is there ever a right time? We’re having another baby! Here’s my thoughts on it all.

Come and Gone

First birthdays often signal the end of something (mat leave) and the start of something new (back to work). With change comes new emotions. Read more about mine here!

Here’s to Jonny P

Husbands go through a lot with pregnancy as well. Here’s a little something dedicated to my husband.

What’s for Dinner?

Some of the concerns I had and some of the things I enjoyed during the different food stages of Layla’s life.

Raging Hormones

Hormones can be your own worst enemy but play such a crucial role in your life. Here is my struggle with hormones.